Company Culture

We appear at work every day because we want to fix the most significant issue in the experience travel world. Putting ADVENTURE back into travel.

When we began back in 1977 (over 40 years ago), our starting guide was simply out to having fun. He ran a little-classified advertisement in the LA Times, selected up to a lot “crazy” and head off in a Landrover throughout Africa.

Those were the days where you didn't need to spell the word A-D-V-E-N-T-U-R-E, as everybody understood what it implied. Nowadays it's become a cliché -excessive used without any significance. We work our butts off every day re-inventing the word. We want everybody worldwide to understand the significance of the word ADVENTURE, and not need to find it in a dictionary.

41 Years Leading Adventure

As a pioneering experience company, Tusker has led countless travelers on amazing treks to remote corners of our world. Our cravings for experience is gone beyond just by our enthusiasm for serving it up.

Extremely knowledgeable safety-focused guides understand what it requires to make your wildest dreams a truth. With years of management experience, WildGo's world-class guides weave your obstacle into safety-driven passion-fired treks, building your energy into a wild success.




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